First MPJ Hemi Implant

BioPro® First MPJ Hemi Implant


The BioPro® First MPJ Hemi Implant is simple to implant, removes the minimum amount of bone possible, and preserves the anatomy of the first toe.  The BioPro® implant is an excellent alternative to fusion, offering patients pain relief and restored range of motion.

The BioPro® First MPJ Hemi Implant is the most complete implant system on the market for treating hallux limitus/rigidus. BioPro’s First MPJ has over 60 years of clinical success.  The implant has been successfully used since 1952 and is the subject of multiple peer reviewed studies which includes a 38-year clinical study showing a 97.4% success rate.

The implant offers many benefits over newer, unproven implants designed for the metatarsal head.  Multiple clinical studies have shown the implant to be successful with no cartilage on the metatarsal head, countering the belief that you must treat the side of the joint with visible cartilage damage. The base of the phalanx is subject to much lower forces than the metatarsal head (which is subject to six times body weight when weight bearing).  Additionally, the BioPro® First MPJ Hemi Implant surgical procedure can be combined with distal metatarsal osteotomies for correction of accompanying pathologies.

Why Choose BioPro®

• Five standard sizes, available in porous and non-porous coated
Toe Details final• Allows for minimal bone resection
• Low profile, diamond shaped stem provides intramedullary fixation
• Also available for the lesser digits
• Manufactured from cobalt chrome(available in titanium for patients with a metal sensitivity)


Why Our Implant Works

Our implant is placed at the base of the phalanx, leaving the metatarsal head undisturbed. This allows for pain relief and restored motion, without placing the implant in a high stress, weight bearing area. While weight bearing, the metatarsal head is exposed to approximately 6 times body weight.