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Shine a new light on thumb replacement

The BioPro® Modular Thumb Implant provides relief for
arthritis in the metacarpal-trapezium joint. In a recent
clinical study the implant showed a success rate of 94%.

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The Perfect Cut...Everytime

The BioPro Accu-Cut Osteotomy Guide System is easy to use.
It assists in achieving precise cuts which equal predictability.

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60 Years of Clinical Success

The BioPro® First MPJ Hemi Implant is the
most complete hemi implant system on the
market for treating hallux limitus/rigidus.

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Continuous, Centralized Compression

The BioPro® Clover™ Staple is a nitinol memory alloy device
designed to offer continuous, centralized compression across
the fusion site.

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Welcome to BioPro, Inc.

27 Years of Integrity, Reliability and Innovation

Who We Are

BioPro is a designer and manufacturer of high quality joint replacement implants and surgical devices. We focus on our founder Charles O. Townley, MD’s principles of “Design by Reason”, which stress the patient’s success as the top priority. We have been in business since 1987 and have implants with over 60 years of proven clinical success, making us one of the most experienced manufacturers in the U.S market. Our mission is to continue to provide innovative implants based on clinical science and the patient’s anatomy, not just the latest industry trends.

Why Choose BioPro

BioPro is committed to providing innovative implants and surgical devices that are safe, effective and enhance patient well-being. Additionally, we understand the importance of quality to the end user of our products. Through industry proven techniques, we produce a consistent level of quality in our products by working together with all functions of the design and manufacturing operations. Most of our products are designed and manufactured at our corporate headquarters in Port Huron, MI allowing us a high level of control throughout the manufacturing process.

BioPro Inc. is a privately held company, which allows us to focus on our customers and their patient’s needs, not those of investors and shareholders. We offer the experience you need combined with the personal attention you want.


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